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Coastal Cranberry & Sweet Orange Soap

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Imagine yourself on the islands of Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Cape Cod. The crown jewels of the Massachusetts coast, set in a crown of sparkling blue waters. Along with yachts in full sail and lobster fisherman bobbing in the harbor bringing in the day's catch is the island tradition of growing cranberries along the shorelines. You can almost see the beautiful crimson cranberries floating on bright blue waters. This is the inspiration behind our Coastal Cranberry & Sweet Orange Soap. Tart and Sweet!

*This handcrafted soap cleanses deeply without harsh chemicals making it a perfect choice for those with more sensitive skin.

* Goat's Milk - creamy goat's milk is packed with anti-aging antioxidants leave your skin silky soft and hydrated.

*Organically grown plump whole cranberries are dried and incorporated into each bar of soap for a truly beautiful artisan Boho Beach soap.

*The rich creamy lather is scented with our coastal cranberries, orange (essential oil), vanilla, figs and a blend of spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. This perfect combination of tart and tangy cranberries and sweet oranges will have you feeling uplifted in body, mind, and spirit. 

* Organic Cranberry Seed Oil - is added to further protect your skin's cells. You see, this glorious little berry has the perfect balance of Omega-rich fatty acids that easily penetrate down deep into skin cells where they can do you the most good. 

* Cranberry Seeds - sprinkled on top for gentle natural exfoliation along with fresh hand grated orange zest.

* A portion of profits is donated to charities that protect our environment and its beautiful creatures 

*Eco-friendly materials and packaging

* Cruelty-free company

"Where Boho and the Beach live happily ever after."


* Each of our pieces are individually handcrafted, handpoured (and/or handcut), and unique . Naturally small variations in size, color, design are to be expected.