The Midwest Mermaid Company Soap Spiced Apple Cider Soap
Spiced Apple Cider Soap - The-Midwest-Mermaid-Company-
Spiced Apple Cider Soap - The-Midwest-Mermaid-Company-
The Midwest Mermaid Company Soap Spiced Apple Cider Soap

Spiced Apple Cider Soap

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You can feel it in the cool air. You can see it in the foliage of bright colors as the leaves change. You can especially smell it in the warm spiced apple cider that warms your hands as you sip from the mug. Autumn is a favorite around here and so is our Spiced Apple Cider Soap! Moisturizing Goat's Milk based soap that provides gentle cleansing is made from the creamy milk of happy stress-free goats. Apple Cider Vinegar (known for removing toxins and great for restoring the skin's natural ph balance for a blemish free complexion) is added. Nourishing Bassu oil brings relief to dry and itchy skin irritations and has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that is reported to help fight acne.  The swirls of colors in each unique bar of soap are inspired by the fall foliage around us this time of year and all natural botanical colorants are used to achieve each vibrant color. The beautiful emerald green color is from Spinach powder which also has been said to lessen the appearance of puffiness and redness. The golden hue is from Bee Pollen powder; this nutrient dense powder is excellent for healing and rejuvenating skin cells for a youthful blemish free complexion. Bee Pollen contains an Amino Acid called Proline which is a building block for collagen production and can help boost skin's firmness. Lastly, the radiant russet comes from Paprika, rich in antioxidants that help to absorb the free radicals that break down skin's collagen. This amazing beauty bar is topped off with a sprinkling of Cranberry seeds for gentle exfoliation. The fragrance is a swirl of Macintosh Apples, Cinnamon, Sweet Oranges, and spices. Pick a Bushel of this Fall favourite Today!

* A portion of profits is donated to charities that protect our environment and its beautiful creatures 

*Eco-friendly materials and packaging

* Cruelty-free company

"Where Boho and the Beach live happily ever after."


* Each of our pieces are individually handcrafted, handpoured (and/or handcut), and unique . Naturally small variations in size, color, design are to be expected.


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