The Midwest Mermaid Company Hand Sanitizer The Midwest Mermaid Company's Essential Hand Sanitizer

The Midwest Mermaid Company's Essential Hand Sanitizer

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The Midwest Mermaid Company's Essential Hand Sanitizer is the perfect way to stay healthy while protecting your skin from the drying effects of constant hand washing and using harsh chemical sanitizers. Our exclusive recipe is an effective choice for cleansing while providing gentle moisturizing support to sensitive skin. Infused with a proprietary blend reminiscent of the legendary Four Thieves recipe that was used in medieval times to prevent the spread of the plauge. Now our blend of essential oils selected specifically for their own antiseptic and immunity boosting properties can help keep you and your family healthy too! The topical and aromatherapy benefits of our sanitizer features ingredients that we think best promote and protect your immune system. The Midwest Mermaid Company's Essential Hand Sanitizer is made in compliance with the approved standards of the WHO (World Health Organization) for safety, germ killing effectiveness and maximum health and beauty benefits. 

Packaged in beautiful Cobalt Blue glass bottles that protect the integrity of the essential oils and other natural ingredients, each bottle is eco-friendly and cruelty free. Our 2 oz sized bottle is perfect for on the go convenient cleansing and fits perfectly in your purse or pocket.


* A portion of profits is donated to charities that protect our environment and its beautiful creatures 

*Eco-friendly materials and packaging

* Cruelty-free company

"Where Boho and the Beach live happily ever after."



Directions for best results:

- Shake well prior to use

Customer Reviews

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sarah moore
Used and trusted in Hospital by Nurses!

I'm a Registered Nurse that works in a hospital setting. I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to the hand sanitizer that my hospital uses in their dispensers. I was given special permission by our Quality and Infection Control departments to use my own brand of sanitizer as long as it passed their approval. I chose The Midwest Mermaid Company's Essential Hand Sanitizer for it's effectiveness and how good it is for my hands. I can't say enough good things about it. Not only does my skin not have an adverse reaction to this formula but it has helped to keep me healthy while caring for very sick patients. My fellow nurses have commented to me on how much better my hands look (the old sanitizer gave me a painful red rash). Many of my colleagues say they prefer it to the cheaper hospital bulk brand and several have bought this hand sanitizer for their private use. I am very happy that our hospital has made this company an official supplier as an alternative for employees who can't use their bulk generic brand because this is a wonderful hand sanitizer!

Janet F.
Best Hand Sanitizer Hands Down

Sent this hand sanitizer in a care package to my daughter and college. She and her friends fell in love with it. They love the smell and my daughter has already asked me to send her more! I am delighted that everyone in her sorority is now using this and all the girls have stayed healthy (of course they are handwashing, wearing masks, and social distancing as well). I am an essential oil proponent and this hand sanitizer meets all of my standards in regards to quality, effectiveness, and overall health benefits. It comes in a lovely glass spray bottle that is perfect for purse size convenience. Well done!