The Midwest Mermaid Company- Our Story

The Midwest Mermaid Company- Our Story. Growing up along the idyllic shores of Western Michigan all things revolved around water. From the picturesque lakeside towns of Holland,  Saugatuck, and Grand Haven to the towering sand dunes rising from the sparkling blue waves of Lake Michigan, "America's 3rd Coastline" is where I spent my youth. This is also where I first fell in love with "Big Water". A lifetime love affair not only with all things water oriented but with the Bohemian lifestyle that is so appealing to "Beach Bums" both young and old everywhere. This has continued into my adult adventures as I took my love of the water and natural beach beauty living and combined them with my adulthood love of travel. Being a daughter of a commercial airline captain and a flight attendant, I came by my wanderlust honestly. The beautiful sea side souvenirs I collect along the way I began to fashion into unique pieces of jewelry. Inspired by Nature, I also began handcrafting artisan soaps, bath bombs, and other beauty products to enhance our natural beauty through healthy ingredients.

The Midwest Mermaid Company was created to celebrate every individual's unique beauty. We strive to enhance both your inner and outer beauty with handcrafted items made from the offerings Mother Earth and her waters graciously provide. Our handmade artisan soaps and beauty products are crafted from natural sustainable sources infused with botanicals,  essential oils,  and beauty enriching ingredients from the islands, coastlines, and the sea.  Our one of a kind jewelry collections are made featuring the unique and beautiful shells, sea glass, stones, and driftwood found during early morning walks on beaches such as The OBX (Hatteras), Amelia Island, Clearwater, Sanibel, Maine, The Great Lakes, and The Florida Keys. Our products are inspired by our fellow Beach Bums, Gypsea Bohemians, Surfer Girls...and their natural wholesome lifestyles... free-spirited & fun-loving, confident & compassionate, eco-conscious & healthy. 

The bulk of our packaging is biodegradable and eco-friendly. A portion of our profits our donated to preserving our oceans and sealife. Our heartfelt desire is for you to not only look good on the outside and feel good on the inside but to have the peace of mind of knowing that you are doing good as well. 

Blessed Be

Erika Bjork-Lilly 

"Where Boho and the Beach live happily ever after ".

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