The Midwest Mermaid Company Tropical Twist Mermaid Soap
The Midwest Mermaid Company Key Lime / Gift Set of 2 - 1 of Each Style Tropical Twist Mermaid Soap
The Midwest Mermaid Company Lemon Drop / Gift Set of 2 - 1 of Each Style Tropical Twist Mermaid Soap

Tropical Twist Mermaid Soap Gift Set

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Tropical breezes and the exotic fragrance of the islands are all wrapped up into these beautiful hand-crafted soaps. Our Tropical Twist Mermaid Soap Gift Set is made of sparkling Aloe in 3 fun varieties: Key Lime, Lemon Drop, and Coral. Each color has its own beautiful fragrance and the creamy white layers of Goat's Milk are reminiscent of the seaside surf in a island paradise. This soap's rich lather moisturizes and softens your skin and our bathing beauty mermaid Melsuine adorns the top of each hand detailed piece in Goat's Milk to enhance the artistic relief on each piece. So dive right into this one of a kind bathing experience and be transported to a tropical paradise to frolic with our Salty Sirens!

* Aloe soothes and softens

Nourishing Goat's Milk moisturizes with a touch of pure organic coconut oil gently cleanses your skin. 

* Ultra-hydrating Seaweed extract is added to combat the signs of aging by firming and plumping the skin.

* Available in 3 "Mer-mazing" varieties! 

* ATTENTION - Please be aware these soaps are sold individually as a single soap with the option of  3 different colors in to select from. Our Gift Set contains 2 soaps, each with a different version of our beautiful Mermaid.

      - Salty Siren Key Lime -You'll love the festive fusion of bright notes of ginger, lime, lemon, lily, grapefruit, and a touch of island spice in this tropical treat.

      - Salty Siren Lemon - This is the lemon scent you've been looking for. It's a blend of lime, orange, lemon, lily, and verbena. Base notes of sugar, mint, and musk add a unique twist. 

      - Salty Siren Coral - This tropical treat is a celebration of mandarin, pineapple, coconut, papaya, guava, pomegranate, sugarcane, sandalwood, and cypress 

      * A portion of profits is donated to charities that protect our environment and its beautiful creatures 

*Eco-friendly materials and packaging

* Cruelty-free company

"Where Boho and the Beach live happily ever after."


* Each of our pieces are individually handcrafted, handpoured (and/or handcut), and unique . Naturally small variations in size, color, design are to be expected.

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