The Midwest Mermaid Company Maple Bacon Man Bar Soap
The Midwest Mermaid Company Soap Maple Bacon Man Bar Soap

Maple Bacon Man Bar Soap

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The ultimate soap for guys...and anyone who loves the delicious smell of bacon! Our Maple Bacon Man Bar Soap smells as good as it sounds! Made with Goat's Milk from happy stress free goats this bar soap makes tons of rich creamy lather that cleanses and moisturizes your skin. A touch of sweetness from locally sourced honey that acts as a wonderful natural antibacterial ingredient. Take a deep whiff of sizzling bacon with a touch of sweet maple syrup and you'll be in heaven! Natural colorants are used to make this great guy soap and we're betting it'll be your new yummy favourite too!

Goat's Milk is a great source of vitamin A and E. Vitamin A helps in correcting the skin flaws such as wrinkles and acne and has the increases cell renewal. Vitamin E is a natural skin protector that can reverse the natural aging process of our skin and has anti-inflammatory benefits, that help in treating skin burns (like sunburns). 

* Honey - is known to have anti-bacterial properties, while providing skin soothing moisturizing beauty benefits, and promoting anti-aging collagen to support to skin cells.

* Natural colorants

* A portion of profits is donated to charities that protect our environment and its beautiful creatures 

*Eco-friendly materials and packaging

* Cruelty-free company

"Where Boho and the Beach live happily ever after."


 * Each of our pieces are individually handcrafted, handpoured (and/or handcut), and unique . Naturally small variations in size, color, design are to be expected.

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Smells just like maple bacon goodness

This soap smells EXACTLY like sizzling maple bacon! I sent some to my brother for his Bday and it was a big hit! I ordered myself some of the mermaid soaps because I love mermaids but I am getting one of the Maple Bacon soaps for myself now too! lol